Polo forest is my favorite place to spend quality time in nature and I strongly recommend spending one night here to reveal out its natural beauty. I recommend this place to visit in monsoon season for trekking. Popped between sanctified hills on the east and west, polo forest holds the stories from past. It sounds horrifying but there are ancient temples, several still carrying out their pujas deep inside this thick jungle. This forest itself is one big temple and the trees themselves are the gods. Polo forest is considered as one of the most popular weekend getaway near Ahmedabad where the government of Gujarat organizes Polo utsav every year. You can easily find stay and food in Polo forest but you need to make prior booking, especially during weekends by considering rush. If you are planning for a day trip, you can easily conduct road trip to Polo forest where you can start early in the morning from Ahmedabad and can return by late evening.Please note that, there is no entry fees to visit Polo forest as it is open and public place.

Activities to Do:

Traveler can do trekking and photography of ancient temples and forest at Polo forest. During polo utsav, you can also participate in cycling and enjoy the various cultural activities at Polo forest. You can hire guide from polo campsite who can help you to plan trekking activities around. Please note that, don’t go inside forest without experience guide.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 156 Km.

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