In the midst of this busy, sprawling western Ahmedabad, dotted by mushrooming malls and multiplexes, you may find your way into the nature discovery center, SUNDARVAN. As you walk gently around bamboo grooves and a banyan tree you might spot a tortoise blocking your way or a love bird humming away or even a snake skin resting by the pond. This natural refuge is indeed a mini zoo committed to spreading awareness and sensitivity towards nature. It is most known for the variety of snakes like Russel's viper, Red Sand boa and the revered Indian cobra. Every Sunday they have a snake show in their small amphitheater where the reptiles are removed from their cages. The center also gives its services to rescue snakes whenever they get calls from befuddled city residents. Other than snakes, the zoo also has a marsh crocodile, porcupine, a small aquarium and a bird section. But it is much more beautiful to see birds like pheasant crows flying freely and peacocks dancing away in this natural setting.
Small children's nature center featuring various plants & animals, plus educational activities.
Tuesdays - Fridays     4:00pm - 6:00pm
Saturdays - Sundays     9:30am - 12:00pm
Closed On Mondays


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