SaritaUdyan is located in Sector 9 of Gandhinagar, the capital city Gujarat. The name ‘SaritaUdyan’ itself suggests its geographical position as ‘Sarita’ means river and ‘Udyan’ means garden. This beautiful garden is located on the bank of River Sabarmati, making it a favorite tourist spot. One can plan a day long picnic with friends and family at SaritaUdyan.

The garden has lots of fun and recreational activities for people from all age groups. The park has a variety of flowers and trees that fills the air with freshness and fragrance. This botanical garden inspires and attracts people from fields like horticulture, floriculture and botany to study the nature’s best creation in peace. Its calm and tranquil atmosphere enchants visitors and gives them serenity. The added attraction of SaritaUdyan is its Deer Park located in the near vicinity. One can capture deers in its varied moods and indulge in some wild life photography at SaritaUdyan.

The park is also an ideal place to jog, exercise and do yoga. The health freaks are found thronging the park early in the morning giving themselves a dose of fitness and well being. Being located right in the center of the city, SaritaUdyan is easily accessible by any mode of transport. SaritaUdyan with its cool river breezes and calm atmosphere is indeed a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience.Gandhinagar is often referred to as the green city. The numerous parks and gardens in the city makes the city looks more beautiful. Gandhinagar attracts tourists because of its amazing location beside the Sabarmati River. The river by the city and the greenery all over the city gives Gandhinagar a unique identity of its own. Among the most famous gardens in Gandhinagar, SaritaUdyan, Gandhinagar is one.

The beautiful SaritaUdyan in Gandhinagar is located on the bank of river Sabarmati. The atmosphere of the garden trees and flower plants are is a positive attraction for all the visitors.

There is Botanical garden also within the Udyan,SaritaUdyan is located in Sector 9 of Gandhinagar, learning and picnic needs. A deer park is situated nearby and enhances the charm of this garden.


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