Children’s Park, Gandhinagar is located in the Sector 28 in the Gandhinagar city. Children’s Park in Gandhinagar is a popular Garden in Gandhinagar and a Tourist Attraction in Gandhinagar. The amusement facility that is provided to the visitors of the park attracts children and the adults alike. The lake and the minitrain is an added attraction of the Children’s Park, Gandhinagar. In the beautiful lake people can practice boating and the mini train is a sure attraction for the children.

People go for an evening stroll with friends and families, as the place is quite attractive and the serenity and tranquility of Children’s Park at Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India makes it an appropriate place to sit and relax. Adults and children can spend nice time in the Children Park of Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India.

As Children’s Park at Gandhinagar is situated in the city, one can easily reach Children’s Park of Gandhinagar from any parts by hiring the local conveyance available. The Children’s Park at Gandhinagar came up as a part of the city when the city was planned architecturally.


Children’s Park in Gandhinagar in Gujarat in India looks beautiful because of the various types of floral plants that are planted. When the season flowers bloom the park looks more beautiful and attractive. The flower plants and all other are well kept and maintained. There are gardeners appointed to take proper care of the garden. The play equipments provided to the children in the Children’s Park in Gandhinagar give the children an opportunity come and play and can enjoy themselves. The Children’s Park in Gandhinagar has been planned in such a way so that a fair number of people can be accommodated at a given time. The recreational facilities provided to the visitors make the Children’s Park, Gandhinagar more interesting.

The gardens and the parks in Gandhinagar are some of the important Tourist Attraction in Gandhinagar in Gujarat. These parks add beauty and life to the city in its own special way.

November to March month is the best time for the visit the Garden. Opning hours is 7:00am to 7:00pm

Whole day is the best time to outing in the Garden there is so many rides and much for entertainments and like one day picnic.


Sector 28, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382028