This is the temple which is from about 5000 years ago called ParpotiyaMahadevalso known as ChandreshwerMahadev. 40 km Away from Ahmedabad from the Lord siva called ChandramauleshwerMahadev. It is said that five thousand years ago God appears himself in here.

It is said that there is direct effect of Moon on the Shivaling.If it is going to be Poonam(Full moon)then you can see white mark of Moon effect on the Shivaling. If it is going to be Amas(Hidden Moon) then There is no White Mark on the Shivaling.This is the direct effect of Moon. There is the exception over there,In the month Shravan There is no white One another thing,Youcan not count the bubble of Crystal.If you try to count then you will get different count every time.


Thousands of people from Dholka town and nearby Villages come here to visit with Devotion idol on the shivaratri. They take the PRASAD of BHANG on that day.

In the month of Shravan people come here on each MONDAY to pray. Its said that all monday of month of Shravan is special for praying Lord SHIVA. On the day of Amas of month Shravan, there is a mini fair organised over here and thousands of people come here to pray and enjoy the fair.They also eat one special item on that day called CHORAFALI.

7:00am to 8:00pm is visiting hours for the visitors

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