This name “The Simpson Memorial Church” was given to this church from the name of Rev. A. B. Simpson who was the founder of “The Christian & Missionary Alliance”.

Simpson Memorial Church was founded in 1923 – 1924 with the help from Christian and missionary Alliance mission. For the building project, church only had Rs. 5500 to start with, with the help God Almighty and mission, Simpson Memorial Church received 2500 Rupees more as a donation to complete the work. With the donation of its.

members and other loved ones, the church was built at cost of Rs. 25000 under direct supervision of Rev. C. A. Gustafson. It was the Ester Sunday of 1924 when Simpson Alliance Church was inaugurated by then mission chairman Rev. William Moizer. Since beginning church service was held on every Sunday. In the absence of fulltime pastor Miss Cora was working and managing every activity of this church as a president of pastorate committee. On 19/09/1926 Rev. Manaji.Raymal was selected as the first local pastor in the presence of Rev. William Moizer.

Evangelism was and is a motto of Simpson Alliance church since the beginning, during May and June of year 1943 an evangelism movement was started. As its foundation was on a solid rock (Evangelism), Simpson alliance church is still actively involved in evangelism. Many pastors have worked in Simpson church and church is blessed by their work. Different wings such as Sunday school, Youth Fellowship, etc. are working as a unit under Simpson church to fulfill God’s word. Presently many people from this church are involved in neighboring evangelism work.

this church is worship place of Christians, on Christmas time is the festive time of Christians in whole world, their so many fun and know about Jesus Christ who is he why he came on earth as Man ect.

Christmas and Easter, Good Friday is the best time for visit the church .

Attend the Church Services is the best time for the peace lover.

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